Rick Ross claims that his health and weed-use habits have improved. It’s all thanks to a hemp company he started, which sounds fantastic.

Renzel was on Wednesday’s “TMZ Live” to discuss his new business venture, Hemp Hop… which is, as you can probably guess, a play on hip-hop. It’s a CBD business that also deals in hemp products, especially when it comes down to toking.

Watch the interview to understand what we mean. RR says that since he quit smoking-laced blunt wraps and switched to CBD papers instead, he has seen dramatic improvements in his health and weight loss.

Rick explains why this miracle worker is more than just lighting up. BTW, CBD can be used for many purposes these days, and it is great alternative medicine.

Rick claims that CBD products from Hemp Hop have helped him heal from seizures he had over the years.

Talking about being a boss, Rick set up his son’s Wing Stop franchise. This is an empire that Rick has been investing in for many years.

He says he wants to get his boy used to run things early.

Just like father, just like son!

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