Joyetech Review

Joyetech Review

Joyetech was founded in 2007 and their first product was the Joye 510 E Cig. They then developed the Joye Ego Cigarette a pioneering product which set the tone for other companies to make similar products. The Joye Ego Cigarette was sleek in design, had a long lasting battery and the cartridges were bigger.

Joytech is a Chinese company which has a presence in many countries around the world. For our UK readers Joyetech have a UK website where you can review and purchase their products. Click here.

So lets get started with our review of a selection of Joyetech products:

Ego T Kit and E Liquid  

The Ego T uses a unique fluid feeder system allowing oneself to enjoy a more accurate smoking experience.

joyetech Ego T Kit and E Liquid

For £59.99 ($99.75) you do get quite a few things for your money.

The kit comes with: 2 x Ego T 650mAh manual batteries, 2 x Ego T cone shaped Atomizers, 5 x empty tank cartridges, 5 x cartridge caps, 2 x cartridge sleeves, 1 x 10ml bottle of e liquid, 1 x USB charger, 1 x UK mains charger, 1 x pouch and 1 x user manual.

The tank in the electronic cigarette holds 1.1ml of fluid in a cartridge. This will give you plenty of puffs before you need to fill the cartridge again with e liquid.

The Ego T comprises of just 3 parts (atomizer, cartridge and battery). This is a very simple product to use and is easy to hold.

Other Joyetech products that are very similar to the Ego T are the Ego C and CC.

eMode Kit and E Liquid

The eMode Kit according to Joyetech is a revolutionary electronic vaporizer where at the heart of the design is a ‘system’. What they mean by this is that in the past there have been electronic vaporizers where the core is not synergised or optimized, the eMode is apparently the first ever fully optimized electronic vaporizing system.

joyetech eMode Kit and e-liquid

At the centre of the eMode is a variable power control unit which operates in 4 modes (variable power or voltage and both options in a real time function to be used with the MVR software).

The MVR software allows you to connect the eMode to a computer and the software will read and stream all your vaping records.

Priced at £99.99 ($166.26) the kit comes with  2 x eMode mouthpiece, 1 x eMode atomizer tank (including base and cover), 2 x eMode C2 atomizer head, 1 x eMode control head, 1 x eMode battery housing, 1 x eMode battery, 1 x USB cable, 1 x USB to mains adapter and 1 x eMode user manual.

eRoll Kit and E Liquid

The eRoll Kit is a great product that comes with a portable charging case which houses 2 electronic cigarettes in a sleek well built case.

Joyetech eRoll Kit and e-liquid

Charging the case which houses the electronic cigarette is done by connecting the case to a computer via a USB cord. The case is a great travel companion and will protect the electronic cigarette from damage.

Priced at £54.99 ($91.44) the kit comes with 1 x bottle of e liquid, 1 x eRoll atomizer cone, 2 x eRoll atomizer head, 2 x eRoll battery, 3 x eRoll cartridge, 1 x eRoll USB charger, 1 x eRoll wall charger, 1 x eRoll portable charging case and 1 x eRoll user manual.

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