Intellicig Review + Coupon Code

Intellicig Review + Coupon Code

Intellicig have got to be one of the best electronic cigarette brands in the U.K and worldwide. Find out in this article just how good they are in our Intellicig review. Plus to get you all excited Intellicig have teamed up with us to provide a fantastic coupon code for our readers. If you want to get 10% off on your next order just use the code intelli10.

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We contacted Intellicig as we wanted to review one of their products. They were very happy to send us a product to us which arrived the next day, delivering a product in a timely manner really distinguishes the best from the poor. So this was a good start for our review.

Intellicig are a U.K brand based in Manchester, they started life in 2008 and now claim to be a bio science company committed to producing the next era of nicotine products. They stock in over 2,000 retail and pharmacy outlets in the U.K and they also stock around the world. Their products are manufactured in 13 different languages.

In 2012 they were bought by the tobacco giant American Tobacco and since then they have still kept true to what they were doing before they were bought which is being know for producing their ECOpure liquid.

We will talk further about their Eco pure liquid in a little bit. But first we will discuss what product Intellicig sent us in the post.

Intellicig Starter Bundle



The Bundle

This bundle from Intellicig includes 1 x electronic cigarette (vapour device), 5 x cartomizers (refill capsules), 1 x battery and 1 x USB charger. Priced at £19.99 ($33.65) it also includes 10 x cartomizers absolutely free!

This is an excellent offer which Intellicig are offering at this moment in time and we cant see this being offered for ever. So in the bundle you have enough cartomizer’s to really put the product to the test.


Again as we mentioned at the start of the article, the product arrived the next day, so we cant fault Intellicig on this.

First Impressions

As you can see Intellicig like to do things differently with their packaging. The green used on the packaging is certainly in keeping with their Eco credentials and the packaging design is also nicely laid out. The logo is simple but effective with a nice choice of font.

We really liked the intricate structure of the Starter Bundle and how each component slotted into one another. The only criticism if you can call it criticism was that we found the Starter Bundle to be a very delicate little thing. It really requires one to appreciate the bundle as a object of great design. If you don’t do that then the product would certainly get damaged rather quickly.

Electronic Cigarette

From the photos below you can see just how nice the electronic cigarette packaging open ups. There is plenty of information written on the packaging and it even comes with a Quick Start Guide to help people understand how to use the e cigarette. See photos below.



The Quick Start Guide is something we have not seen provided in such a simple but effective format before from other E Cig brands.



Not including the USB the actual electronic cigarette comes in 3 parts. The first thing you will notice is  the bottom part of the cigarette this houses the battery and then the second part is the cartridge. The third part is the vapour device which is hidden in the cartridge refill. When we first handled the cartridge we noticed it was empty from e liquid and were a little miffed.

It all became clear rather quickly that you needed to screw the battery to the cartridge once this was done you then needed to pull the cartridge away from the battery which then exposed the vapour device which was hidden in the cartidge. Once you had done this then the cartridge became redundant as it wasn’t full of e liquid. The next part was to open up the cartridge pack and pop a new cartridge (after removing the foil tab) onto the vapour device.

Once this is all done you’re good to go and can start vaping straight away. The next two pics below show the parts that were in the e cigarette packet.



Charging the electronic cigarette with the USB

Now if you have had the chance to read our other reviews you will have noticed we like to test the battery to see if its fully charged once we have taken it out of the packaging. When we screwed the battery into the USB and plugged it into out computer (laptop is just as fine) we noticed the red light had come on. A further 50 minutes later and the light on the USB went to green.

Now this was interesting and told us that the battery really isn’t charged a huge amount before being packaged. So our advice would be to do what we did and charge it straight away before using it.




Cartridge Flavors

The starter bundle came with 15 cartridges, yep you heard correctly, 15 which as we mentioned at the beginning of this article is very generous. The flavors we were given were Regular but Intellicig also do Menthol and Rich. A pack of 10 cartridge refills will cost £7.99 ($13.45). The really nice feature that intellicig do is that the cartridges are foil wrapped and they also print the expiry date on the packet which not many e cig brands do.





ECOpure Liquid

E liquid is made generally from only 5 ingredients. Primary a water based nicotine solution the ingredients include nicotine, water, propylene glycol, glycerol and flavoring.

Intellicig slightly differ, they manufacturer their own e-liquid called ECOpure and use only 4 ingredients; ethyl maltol, glycerol, deionised water and nicotine and are often rated as having the cleanest e-liquid on the market. They really pride themselves on this. The ECOpure is manufactured in the U.K which gives user’s peace of mind that Intellicig are using the highest testing possible anywhere in the world.

The topic of e liquid is really hitting the news at the moment and one of the reasons the E.U and the U.S are bringing in regulation is because the controls on what goes into e liquid is to vague. Intellicig are at the forefront of producing pure e liquid suitable for people to use.

Using the Electronic Cigarette 

Holding the e cigarette was fine as you can see from the photo’s its shaped like a traditional cigarette. Its a little thin compared to say the Gamucci e cigarette hence the cartridges are also thin but to counter that you do get plenty of refills. We also noticed that the cigarette felt a little cheaply made, you can tell the product is made in china but then every e cig brand probably is as well.  This didn’t hinder us using the product and it was reliable.

The main thing was we found the taste of regular flavor to be excellent and it tasted very close to the real thing. The hit at the back of the throat was very good and the vapour produced was pretty impressive compared to other brands we have tried. So far we have not tried a better cigarette on taste. Intellicig are certainly worth trying!

Customer Service

Superb, no problem here, they were very helpful in providing a product and answering our questions.


A very good 30 day money back guarantee and a 30 day warranty on the product.


Order From Their Website


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