Gamucci Review + Coupon Code

Gamucci Review + Coupon Code

Gamucci Review: Winner of the Best Electronic Cigarette Brand at the Consumer Choice Awards 2014.

Have you heard of Gamucci?

If not then read on for a great Gamucci review of the brand and its products. If you have heard of them then you may find this article helpful as we talk about one of their latest products and discuss their benefits over other brands. Its an informative article which may sway your decision to give them a try.

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Now Gamucci especially in the U.K and Europe is one of the largest electronic cigarette brands in the industry. They started out in 2007 and have year by year grown significantly to the point that they now sell in over 20 countries and also stock in some of the biggest high street retailers, supermarkets and pharmacies. These include such places as Tesco’s, Waitrose and WHSmith. They were the first e cigarette brand to enter the European market and you can find them in many airports around Europe.

When we got in touch with Gamucci they really were supportive and liked what we are trying to achieve with the site, so much so that they sent us a product for us to review. So that’s what we did!

 Gamucci Micro USB Starter Kit


This starter kit is priced at £9.99 ($16.81) and comes with a 1 x USB charger, 1 x lithium battery and 1 x high density cartomizer.


The first thing to report is just how quickly the product arrived via courier, it arrived the next day which was very pleasing to see.

First Impressions

Our first impressions of the packaging is that we think Gamucci have taken a thoughtful approach to how their products are to be packaged. The box is well proportioned, not to big and not to small and though simplistic it provides all the relevant information the user needs to know. Such as, what ingredients are in the cartomizers, what the warranty entails and how to use the e cigarette.

The usb and e cigarette are displayed nicely in a plastic casing which you can see through the clear plastic section on the box.

The design is simple, with a nice layout and the effective use of silver lettering gives the feel that the Gamucci brand oozes class. The logo again is simple but really works and the name of the brand is original and conjure up words such as quality and luxury.

Out of the box

As you can see from the photos below, the USB and e cigarette easily come away from the plastic casing. Both items are very easy to handle and we particularly liked the pull sticker which was on the e cigarette. This sticker separated the cartomizer/cartiridge from the rest of the cigarette. Once you pull away the sticker then you can finish off screwing the cartomizer onto the cigarette.


Electronic Cigarette

The actual e cigarette comes with 3 components. The first thing to mention is the plastic cap which goes over the end of the cartomizer/cartridge. Its this end that you inhale from and we really liked this added component which not a lot of other e cig brands supply. This means that when you are out and about you can protect the end of the cigarette from dust and germs getting into the little hole which you inhale from.

The second component is the cartridge and the third part is the rest of the cigarette which houses the rechargeable lithium battery, L.E.D light and atomization chamber which heats up the e liquid from the cartridge.




Charging the Electronic Cigarette with the USB

From the photo below you can see that the USB screws on to the cigarette. The USB goes where you would normally put the cartridge.


Once you have done this then its time to plug the USB/e cigarette into you USB port on the computer/laptop. Gamucci do pre-charge their batteries so you don’t necessarily need to do this when you buy one of their products and you can use it straight away.

We decided to do this as soon as we had the e cigarette out of the box just to test how long it would take to charge it to its max.

Once plugged into the USB port the USB came alive and a orange glow was emitted from the USB and from the L.E.D light at the end of the e cigarette. After around 30 minutes the L.E.D light went out and the USB changed from a orange glow to green. This told us that the lithium battery was now fully charged. (See photos below).



Cartridge Flavors

The Starter kit came with an Original flavor cartridge. To Gamucci’s credit they also supplied 2 extra packets of cartomizer refills. One being a pack of 3 x Menthol cartomizers and another pack of 3 x Original cartomizers. A pack of 3 x cartomizers cost £6.99 ($11.76) which we feel is reasonably priced.

Once you have bought the starter kit all you need to do is buy cartomizers every time one runs out of e liquid. A Gamucci cartomizer is meant to last for approximately 375 puffs.


Using the Electronic Cigarette

We found the e cigarette was easy to handle because its shaped like a traditional cigarette, it also looks like a one as well.

When inhaling we found that the original flavor to taste better than what we have tried from other e cig brands, the menthol flavor wasn’t bad either and we actually thought the menthol flavor was one of the best we have tried. Menthol is not for everyone but its really starting to take off.

When using the cartridge we found that we only managed to get around 250 puffs from the cartridge instead of the 375 Gamucci claim is achievable. This in hindsight is not a bad amount of puffs from a cartridge and is actually a lot better than most of the e cig brands we have tried. From our experience you never achieve any where near enough puffs from an e cigarette than what e cig brands claim you can achieve. Of course it is dependent on how long a puff is for you and for us we like to take a leisurely puff.

What was nice to see was also how impressive the volume of smoke was and how generous it was with its thickness when we inhaled in from the e cigarette. This meant that the experience of puffing away brought back the feeling and sensation of puffing on a traditional cigarette.

Customer Service

We found customer service to be spot on, very helpful and they were willing to assist us in providing some products to review. For such a large brand this was great to see, plus you could say they have had many years now to get this aspect right which they have done.


This includes a manufacturers 12 month warranty. The lithium ion battery is covered by a 1 months manufacturing warranty.

Lithium ion Rechargable Battery

The battery should last for a long time and the recommendation is to replace after 50,000 inhalations or when performance degrades. You can purchase new ones from the Gamucci website at £7.99 ($13.45) each.

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