Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette: What are Electronic Cigarettes? and How do Electronic Cigarettes work?

An electronic cigarette ( e cigarette or e cig) is a device which is usually battery or USB powered and imitates a traditional cigarette. With over 1.3 million users in the UK alone they are becoming more and more popular as a way to either reduce the dependence on traditional cigarettes, cut out 4,000 chemicals that are associated with cigarettes that have tobacco in them or as a tool to help a smoker kick their addiction to smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are not regulated like a traditional cigarette is and so do not full under the same restrictions that have been imposed on traditional cigarettes. An electronic cigarette device contains no tobacco and can not be lit by a flame and produce smoke, it therefore means that it can be used in any location and within premises that introduced a ban on tobacco cigarettes. Off course it is subject like most things to separate rules imposed by business owners and companies who may decide that though the user is not breaking any laws they may not want you to use a electronic cigarette in their premise.

How do Electronic Cigarettes work?

Within electronic cigarettes there is usually a heating chamber known as a atomizer that will vaporize a liquid solution. This solution is made from nicotine and propylene glycol (organic compound which uses water)  but might also include a flavoring as you can get electronic cigarettes that come in different flavors. You can also get electronic cigarettes that just release a flavored vapor without nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes are often designed to simulate the shape of a traditional tobacco cigarette, there will always be an area on a electronic cigarette where you can inhale the vapor.

Electronic cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes, including disposable e cigarettes which are very popular. Disposable cigarettes are electronic cigarettes which you buy and use for a period of time and once you have inhaled the solution you bin the cigarette and buy a new one.

Below is an example of an electronic cigarette in this case it is a disposable e cigarette, this should give you an idea as to the components involved in a electronic cigarette.


 Example of other types of electronic cigarettes – see below





In most cases a lithium rechargeable battery is used in an electronic cigarette and this is charged either by a mains adapter or by a USB.


The liquid solution is found within a cartridge and you can either replace or refill the cartridge every so soften when the liquid runs out.

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