E-Lites Review

E-Lites Review

E-Lites Review 2014

We review the E-Lites brand and provide insightful information along with links to their favorite products.


E-Lites are one of the largest brands in the world. They are a UK company that have been around since 2007 so they were one of the first on the market. They stock some of the biggest retailers in the UK like Shell, Sainsbury, WHSmith, Tesco, BP, Asda and Morrisons. They have now become the first brand in the UK to stock the 4 largest supermarket/grocery chains all at once and currently their product is also stocked in over 20,000 outlets throughout the country.

They have a strong brand and are well versed in advertising their brand this was notable with their gangnam style advert they did in 2013 which has garnered nearly 2 million hits on YouTube.

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For our review and what they have to offer read on: 

E 200 Starter Kit

According to E-Lites this starter kit “is the simplest and most convenient electronic cigarette available today combining the latest G9 technology with attractive design.” Now these are bold claims which to be honest most e cig brands make but what is evident is that they have taken a bit of time with making sure that the product is well made and the design is very attractive. The standards expected of UK brands mean that products are rigorously tested before coming to market.


The E200 Starter Kit is priced at £39.99 ($65.96) and is available in 3 flavors (light – gold packaging, menthol – green packaging and regular – red packaging). Based on other brands and their prices £39.99 is competitively priced and comes with 5 x cartridges ( equivalent to 200 cigarettes), 1 x battery, 1 x tough case and 1 x charger.

The electronic cigarette comes with a green G9 L.E.D battery instead of a red one, this is to make sure there is no confusion when out and about smoking the e cig. This is a nice touch which means that you don’t get people looking at you too much thinking that your smoking a real cigarette. You can buy red L.E.D batteries direct from them if you so choose for £9.99. Personally I like the green tip as it distinguishes itself from traditional cigarettes and the colour green is a softer colour on the eye.

Charging the battery should only take around a hour and that should last you for a complete day of vaping. There is a indicator on the packet which will come on when you are charging your e cig and the light will go out once fully charged, also the e cig tip will start flashing when the battery is low and this means that you need to give it a boost of energy. I would suggest buying a second battery and carry that around with you fully charged so when your e cig is low you can use the fully charged battery and re charge the low one.

Flavors can often be a let down with most brands and can often taste synthetic, with E-Lites they are actually not bad and taste almost like the real thing which is a plus if you are looking for the same hit as you had on traditional cigarettes but with out the bundle of chemicals attached.

It is claimed by E-Lites that one cartridge of theirs is equivalent to 40 traditional cigarettes. You can buy 5 x cartridges for £19.99 ($32.97) and this would mean that one cartridge would cost around £3.99 (equivalent to 40 traditional cigarettes). This would save you an awful lot of money compared to buying traditional cigarettes.

E 40 Reusable E Cigarette

At only £14.99 ($24.73) this pack allow’s you to acquire a e cigarette along with 1 x G9 battery, 1 x cartridge and 1 x compact USB charger. It then means that once you have used up your cartridge you then only need to keep on buying cartridges instead of a new e cigarette as well.


It comes in 3 flavors (light – gold packaging, menthol – green packaging and regular – red packaging) and means that you can try each flavor before you find the right one for you.

This is a fantastic product to help you start using E-Lites products and at price point which allows you to try with out worrying that you have broken the bank for a product that maybe not for you.

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