Blu Cigs Review

Blu Cigs Review

Blu Cigs is one of the leading electronic cigarette companies in the world. We review the brand and provide some useful coupons to use when buying their products.

Blu Cigs are famous for their signature blue L.E.D light that glows on their electronic cigarettes when you vape. They also sell a number of different products such as entry level starter kits to more sophisticated ones to disposable cigarettes.

Blu Cigs get a mixed response from users, they are often ranked in the top 10 for choice and usability. There are some people who absolutely love their products and some people who think there are better brands out there to use.

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Let’s take a look at what they offer:

BluCig Start Electronic Cigarette Kit

BluCigs by SkyCig Starter Kit



This starter kit aptly named ‘Starter’ is priced at £14.99 ($25.28). It comes with 2 x Blu batteries, 2 cartridges and 1 x USB.

This is their entry level starter kit which has everything you need to get vaping. It comes in a carry case which is shaped like a traditional cigarette packet and you have a choice of 2 flavors which are Classic Tobacco and Menthol.


We really like the simple, but well designed packaging, the design of the e cigarette and we also really like the case with it magnetic strip to keep the lid tight.


It has been noted that the flavor (cartridge) used in BluCig’s products are often a little harsh on the throat, this is most notable near the end of the cartridges life span. It would have been nice though to have seen a few more flavors on offer.

Customer Service

We had a few questions we put to BluCig and they were very good in getting back to us really quickly. They pride themselves on the customer side of things and have allocated a team especially for this. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty which is a must in today’s market place.


These come in a pack of 3 cartridges for £5.99 ($10.10). The price goes down per pack if you buy more than one. The refills are easy to change and you have a choice of flavors to use.

Blu Premium Kit

BluCigs Premium Kit



This e cigarette kit is priced at £29.99 ($50.58) and comes with their latest charging case so you can charge on the go. You also get a portable charging case, 3 flavored cartridges and 2 batteries.

This product is competitively priced and what with the extra cartridges and better batteries that last longer this product is worth buying if you regularly smoke a lot of cigarettes and need something that is reliable.


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