Best Electronic Cigarette

Best Electronic Cigarette

Best Electronic Cigarette: E Cigarettes currently on the market!

We take a look at 29 of the best electronic cigarettes / kits on the market and give some insightful views as to what will be popular in 2014.

All the brands listed below are well known established brands which have an array of products they offer to consumers, they all have a signature product which is their latest offering to the market.

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gamucci micro usb starter kit

Gamucci Micro USB Starter Kit is Gamucci’s low cost option for people who are social smokers. The battery is fully charged for you to use straight out of the box and comes with a cartomizer.

Gamucci is a company headquartered in London, with offices in the U.S and Asia. They were founded in 2007 and were the first brand to enter the European market. They sell in over 20 countries and stock their products in retailers such as Tesco, Waitrose and WHSmith in the UK.



Intellicig XL Clearomiser Kit features a long lasting battery and ECOpure refill liquid capacity of 2.4ml allowing you to vape so much longer. A stylish design which is attractive on the eye.

Intellicig is a successful UK company which manufacturers its own products and uses ECOpure e-liquid (one of the cleanest and purest e-liquids available) in all its products. It was bought by British American Tobacco in 2012.



E-Lites E 40 Reusable Electronic Cigarette contains everything you need to start vaping. It includes USB charger, 1 x E tip (equivalent to 40 cigarettes), G9 rechargeable battery and comes in 3 strengths.

E-Lites is one of the largest brands in the UK. They stock their products in some of the biggest retailers in the UK. They claim to use an advanced battery called the G9 which allows between 300-400 inhalations per charge. A sleek website allows you to easily find what your looking for to buy.




ECig Wizard New User Starter Kit is priced at £19.99 ($33.73) which is competitively priced and comes with one bottle (10ml) of e liquid which would be enough for you to get going with. You also get 1 x fast charger and 1 x battery.

ECig Wizard is a UK company that specialise in clearomizers and e liquid. Established since 2011 they claim that they are the largest wholesale and retail supplier in the UK for electronic cigarettes, e liquid and accessories. Worth checking them out!


Apollo Express eGo Kit-On Sale

Apollo ECigs Express Ego Kit is a great product to try, its versatile and has a long lasting battery. It comes with 1 x bottle of Apollo e liquid, 1 x battery, 1 x USB charger and 1 x clearomiser.

Apollo ECigs is a supplier of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid and produce products in their own manufacturing facility. All products come with a 1 year warranty.


southbeachsmoke reusable express kit

South Beach Smoke Reusable Express Kit includes USB charger, 2 x nicotine cartridges and their standard ‘Super Max’ battery. A great introduction to the world of electronic cigarettes.

South Beach Smoke is a well known company based in America that distribute their own products. They have a large following and are known for their range of different flavored cartridges.



Volcano Magma Starter Kit is a good entry point product to introduce you to electronic cigarettes. A simple 2 piece design is flexible and functional and comes with a battery that is long lasting. Kit includes 1 x USB charger, 2 x battery, 1 x wall charging adapter, 1 x mini USB cable, 1 x M pack and 5 x cartomizers U.S made.

Volcano was founded in 2009 and has grown into one of the world’s leading brands of e cigarettes. Based in the U.S state of Hawaii they have a UK site for our UK readers as well, so worth checking them out.


neatcigs rechargable starter kit

NeatCigs Rechargeable Starter Kit is currently very competively priced and is worth checking out. It comes uses a long lasting lithium battery and Neat Cigs UK made e liquid.

NeatCigs is a UK company who are known for making their own e liquid in the UK. This means consumers have a certain level of confidence when buying their products, this is reflected in the large following they have on social networks. They offer a nice selection of e liquid flavors.


vapourlites VL1T Tobacco Starter Kit

Vapourlites VL1T Tobacco Starter Kit is a very popular entry point product for Vapourlites. Easy to use and very well priced compared to similar products out there on the market. Battery comes fully charged ready to use and you will get the equivalent of 40 cigarettes from one cartridge.

Vapourlites is one of the biggest established brands in the UK. They stock in some very big high street stores and are also the number one choice for pharmacies in the UK. Want 15% OFF? use this discount code on your next order: ECGO15

10. or for U.S readers go to the U.S site


Buyv2cigs sell the popular V2 Cigs Beginner Kit. This product comes with either their red or menthol flavor e liquid and you can pick 3 different strengths. The kit contains 1 x standard automatic battery, 5 x 6mg flavor cartridges, 1 x 12mg cartridge, 1 x 18mg disposable e cigarette and 1 x express charger.

Buyv2cigs is a UK company based in Peterborough. They are the licensed U.K distributor for the U.S brand ‘V2 Cigs’. They sell the V2 Cigs range of electronic cigarettes one of the most popular brands in the U.S. V2 Cigs are often ranked as the number 1 online ecig brand.



Smoker’s Halo E Cigarette Kit is reasonably priced and is a good product to buy. You get 10 pre filled cartridges ( 5 high and 5 medium strength which is equivalent to 1000 puffs on a e cig). You also get 2 x batteries, USB charger and manual.

Ecigarette Direct is a UK company who have been going since 2008 and can proudly say that they are a member of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (there are only 10 UK companies who are members of this association). They have been featured in The Mail, Daily Express, The People,  The Scotsman, Hello Magazine and Huffington Post to name a few. They sell the ‘Halo’ brand of e cigarette.



Prestige-Vaping offer the Falcon Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit at a low entry price point for vapors who are looking for a product that is easy to use. Good capacity and comes with a 5 click self locking system ( 5 clicks to unlock the system). Contents include: 1 x battery, 1 x USB charger, 1 x pouch, 1 x 10ml e liquid and 1 x clearomizer.

Prestige-Vaping is a very large UK company which distributes its premium products to some of the biggest retailers in the UK. You can buy direct on their website and they have over 106,000 likes on Facebook. Want 10% OFF? use this exclusive discount code just for ECigaretteUK readers on your next order: PRESTIGE65



Eversmoke Basic Starter Kit is literately a great intro to electronic cigarettes. It comes packed with accessories such as a 1 x high capacity battery, 1 x standard battery, portable wall charger, USB charger and 5 nicotine cartridges.

Eversmoke is an American company who sell an array of products such as starter kits, disposable electronic cigarettes, cartridges and accessories. You get a life time warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.



Krave King Rechargeable Starter Kit is a very good entry point for e cigarette smokers. They are King size allowing the filter to last longer. Package includes rechargeable battery, 1 x tobacco filter, 1 x menthol filter and 1 x  flip carrying case.

Krave is a U.S brand of electronic cigarettes that stand out with their sleek memorable packaging. They also produce disposable electronic cigarettes in king size.



Henley AIO E-CIG 510 Classic is a great product that has a look a like cigarette pack which not only holds your electronic cigarettes but charges them as well. This includes 1 x battery, 1 x universal adapter, 3 x cartomizers and 2 x USB connection cable.

Henley is a premium brand which is garnering a strong following. The company is based In New York and has a very sleek website.


Aqwa Square iTaste V3

UKecigstore sell the Aqwa Square iTaste V3. This popular product was voted one of the best products of 2013. It comes with 1 x Aqwa battery, 1 x dual coil clearomizer, 1 x retractable micro USB charger and FREE 5ml E Liquid.

UKecigstore is a popular website selling a range of popular brands and are based in the UK. They share close relationships with leading electronic cigarette companies allowing their customers to benefit from competitive prices.


Rechargeable Micro Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Tobacco

Victory Rechargeable Micro Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit is a good low priced entry point product which allows you to carry your electronic cigarette in a popular cigarette style packet. It comes with 2 cartomizer (equal to 4 packs of cigarettes), 1 x battery and 1 x USB charger.

Victory claims that it has built its database of subscribers to over 100,000 consumers. They have a good presence in the U.S and now stock in many outlets including Chevron, Texaco and Mobil.



The Zenith 510 AMO Starter Pack has an increased capacity for battery life between charges which Liberro claim is 7 hours plus. This product can be used with their e liquid flavors and comes with 2 x clearomizers, 1 x USB rapid charger, 2 x rechargeable batteries, 1 x pouch and 1 x bottle of e liquid.

Liberro a UK company was founded in 2008 and  since then it has grown to a large size. The company has its own shop which it opened in 2012 and have sold to many happy customers from around the world. They sell a large range of their own products including E Cigars and E Pipes!


 VaporZone Express Starter Kit

VaporZone Express Starter Kit is a versatile electronic cigarette that uses advanced lithium ion technology. It also only uses American made e liquid for the safety conscious person. You get 1 x standard battery, 1 x high capacity battery, 1 x wall charging adapter, 1 x USB charger and a membership card.

VaporZone is a company based in U.S. They currently have a number of their own stores and have a strong following. They have a wide range of e liquid flavors and you can even make your own flavors.


Vapor couture Entrée Kit

Vapor Couture Entree Kit is a great way to get started. All products are made for women and this one includes rechargeable battery, 6 x flavor cartridges, 1 x smart charger, 1 x USB charger and 1 x disposable electronic cigarette as well!

Vapor Couture is apparently the only line of electronic cigarettes for women. Their range of products are very appealing on the eye and certainly look like a must have for the high end fashionista.


white cloud Cirrus 2 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

White Cloud Cigarettes Cirrus 2 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit is a great product to buy for first timers and casual e cigarette users. Its got strong reviews, priced fairly and you can select from a range of flavors and strengths. It comes with a USB charger, 5 cartridges and 2 classic tips with led lights.

White Cloud Cigarettes is a premier electronic cigarette, they claim that their batteries and cartridges last longer than their competitors. They offer a 2 year warranty and are in the process of transitioning their manufacturing  to the U.S. Want 15% OFF? use this exclusive discount code just for ECigaretteUK readers on your next order: WCKIT15 (not valid on a Cirrus 2 Kit).

green smoke Express Kit

Green Smoke Express Kit has everything you need to get going, its an entry point product which is reasonably priced. It comes with a rechargeable battery, USB charger kit, 1 x USB cigarette, 1 x carry case and 5 long lasting cartomizers (cartridges).

Green Smoke is an American company that sell their own products, they claim that they have sold over 21,250,000 to date which is very impressive. They also have a U.S website as well and sell a variety of items.



Vapestick Classic V Charger Case Kit is a great little product which is not only a charging station but a case for your electronic cigarettes and cartridges. You get all the things you would normally find ina strarter kit but with a epic charging station. You get 1 x charging case, 6 x cartomizers (assorted strengths and flavors), 2 x classic batteries, 2 x USB chargers ( one for the case and one for the batteries), 1 x V card and 1 x user manual.

Vapestick is a UK premium brand that has a large following. They stock retailers such as Harrods, Tesco Pharmacies, Argos online, Betterware and hundreds of other independent retailers, including pubs, clubs off-licenses, newsagents and pharmacies.


premium vapes plug in USB electronic cigarette

Premium Cigarette ‘Premium Vapes’ Plug in USB Electronic Cigarette is a simple but effective product that is priced competively. It plugs into your computer to charge the battery and it allows you to add cartridges when you run out of one.

Premium Cigarette sell a brand of electronic cigarettes called Premium Vapes, they are one of the leading distributors of electronic cigarettes in the U.S and western Europe. Founded in 2008 they have 2 warehouses and a distribution center.


bloog 650 H2 Kit

Bloog 650 H2 Kit is a portable product for you carry on the go. It comes with a see-through clearomizer so you can see what your inhaling, a USB charger, soft carrying case, battery and a replacement atomizer.

Bloog was founded in 2008 as the electronic cigarette industry just started to emerge. Based in New Jersey in the U.S they sell a range of products from starter kits to e-liquids.



Vapor King ETank – Express Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit is a all new atomizer and cartridge system. The cartridges have no cotton or absorbent material on the inside just pure e liquid. It comes with 1 x rechargeable lithium battery, 1 x atomizer, 5 pack of cartridges (tour choice of flavor and strength) and USB charger.

Vapor King is a U.S company which has a decent following. They sell electronic cigars, starter kits, e-liquids, refills and accessories.



Vaporin Premium Starter Kit comes with the advanced smart charge pack technology. You get 2 batteries, 1 x charge pack, 5 x cartridge cartomizer, 1 x wall adapter, 1 x USB charger + cord and warranty card.

Vaporin says that it is ‘rated as the best electronic cigarette on the market’. Bold claims, certainly worth checking out this U.S brand based in Miami.



VIP Electronic Cigarette Standard Starter Kit is very well priced and you get a cigarette style box with holder for 2 refills, USB and battery. We the package you get rechargeable battery, USB charger stick and 2 cartomizer refills in U.S tobacco flavor ( 1 x 16mg and 1 x 24mg).

VIP Electronic Cigarette is one of the largest brands in the UK and worldwide. You may have seen a recent t.v advert from them and they are owned by British American Tobacco.


BluCigs by SkyCig Starter Kit

BluCig Start Electronic Cigarette Kit comes with 2 x Blu batteries, 2 cartridges and 1 x USB. also comes in a carry case which is shaped like a traditional cigarette packet and you have a choice of 2 flavors which are Classic Tobacco and Menthol.

Blucigs is a well known brand that has used celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy and Stephen Dorff to advertise its products. An American company it now has a presence in the UK due to its owner Lorillard buying the UK company SkyCigs and re-branding it. BluCigs has over 100,000 retailers nationwide in the U.S selling its products and a massive infrastructure channel set up in the UK having taped into SkyCigs work that they did in the last 3 years.

What will be popular this year (2014).

With regulation coming into effect in the UK and the EU in 2016 companies are changing there approach to what products they can sell that meet those new regulations. The U.S is going to announce soon tighter rules for selling electronic cigarettes and this will have a positive impact on making sure that for the consumer they are getting products that are fit for purpose.

Small starter kits will prove very popular this year along with disposable electronic cigarettes. As more and more people are turning to electronic cigarettes as a tool to try and stop smoking or to lead a more healthy lifestyle. People will be looking for products that are small, compact and easy to transport.

People that are avid electronic cigarette smokers will most certainly be looking at the high end for a product that they will be ale to use for a long time and which is reliable. Flavored liquid will continue to be popular throughout 2014/2015 within the UK, US and EU. By 2016 there maybe restrictions on what flavors one can buy within these countries and states.

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