E Cigarette UK was born from the need to have a website that encompassed factual and informative articles related to the ever growing market of Electronic Cigarettes. As this market grows, more and more people are seeking information that helps them make a concise decision on the right product for them.

Here at E Cigarette UK we have decided that its important to provide relevant articles under one website helping people to understand how Electronic Cigarettes work and what is available. The industry has grown enormously over the last few years and there are now 1.3 million electronic cigarette user in the UK alone. Trying to decipher between the many different brands and products can be hard.

E Cigarette UK has partnered with many of the leading companies and manufacturers in the U.K, U.S and abroad allowing us to promote their range of products. This will enable you to source products quickly and efficiently without the need to spend hours at a time searching the internet.

When we can we will inform our readers of the latest deals and offers and also provide and allow you to keep up to date with relevant industry news which is having an impact on how the industry is being regulated going forward.

All companies that advertise on this site are from respectable companies who are the biggest players in their field. They are ever evolving and setting the bar for the industry as a whole.

We value all our readers and hope that this website helps you on your journey from moving away from traditional cigarettes and then finally onto successfully reducing your dependence on nicotine.

E Cigarette UK is headed up by Alex, a avid blogger who runs a collective mix of websites in different sectors that are high content rich and varied. I enjoy producing factual articles which are relevant, helpful and which allow people to source quickly and efficiently.

E Cigarette UK are always on the look out for good content. If you are a avid E Cigarette user, a E Cigarette industry insider or a E Cigarette brand then please get in contact as we are always open to collaboration.

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